Project- and Program Management

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In Biotech and Pharma almost every task of the value chain is managed as a project, so it is natural that Project- and Program Management are major success factors and make a huge business impact in drug development.
These functions ensure operational effectiveness through efficient development planning and execution, deliver value through robust risk management and ensure transparency for all stakeholders.
A sound development plan and a strong Project Management are the major prerequisites to ensure strategic and operational alignment across all disciplines.
To avoid attrition in development projects it is essential to establish corporate standards for PM processes. The importance of harmonized processes increases with a growing project portfolio, when numerous clinical and non-clinical projects are running in parallel even in small companies.
The more projects are executed, the more a company will benefit from a seamless cooperation between all parties involved.
A set of projects that follow the same strategic goal are usually managed as a program. Program Management techniques are designed to avoid attrition at internal and external interfaces, to better identify and mitigate risks that affect multiple components of a program, and to streamline communication to stakeholders, just to name a few of the features.

CHPC will provide professional support for your company, for example:

  • Assuming the functional role of a Program or Project Manager (overarching PM or (pre-)clinical)
  • Development and implementation of overarching Project or Program Management processes
  • Development of related SOPs and integration into the Quality Management System